“From there to here and here to there, we ensure that your animal receives outstanding care.”

The ARK at JFK recommends that all animals travel as manifested cargo. Please visit our blog on the 3 different ways your pet can travel and why The ARK recommends booking as cargo.

We understand that having your pet travel as excess baggage may be the only or best option for you, so we have arranged special accommodations for pets traveling along with you to provide a stress-free and reassuring option for your pet at JFK International Airport.

All pets at ARK Pet Oasis will receive their own spacious kennel with fresh water, food (depending on flight times), enrichment, and 24-hour care and observation. Please speak with an airline representative in the airport to ensure your pet receives prompt care during unexpected flight delays or long layovers.

If your pet will be departing JFK with you as excess baggage you can drop him or her off to ARK Pet Oasis. We will review your pet’s health documents and ensure the travel crate is properly labeled and secured for travel. We offer International Air Transportation Association (IATA) compliant travel crates for sale and can assist you with choosing an appropriate size so that your companion is comfortable in their enclosure. For security reasons, we are unable to check-in your pet when they are traveling as excess baggage however, we can coordinate to meet you curbside at the passenger terminals so that you can check-in for flights with your companion.

If you are arriving to JFK and need care or short-term accommodation for your pet immediately post-flight, we can coordinate to pick up your pet curbside at the passenger terminals. We will bring your companion to ARK Pet Oasis where they will lounge while waiting for you or an authorized person to pick them up. Additionally, we will clean and disinfect the travel crate.

If you have a layover at JFK or your flight is delayed or canceled, we can arrange to meet you curbside at the passenger terminals to pick up and care for your pet.