24/7 Animal care

“From there to here and here to there, we ensure that your animal receives outstanding care.”

Coordinating and enduring air travel for companion animals can be complicated and stressful for humans and animals alike. Pets being transported as live animal cargo and excess baggage spend hours pre- and post-flight confined in their transport crates in addition to the flight itself. Often, they are placed in a cargo warehouse without access to food, water or relief. ARK Pet Oasis seeks to mitigate both the pet parents’ concerns and the animals’ anxiety by providing a safe, calm and supportive environment pre- and post-flight, reducing the time your animal spends in a confined crate. ARK Pet Oasis serves as a central resource available 24/7, servicing the needs and promoting the welfare of companion animals traveling as cargo.

  •   Pick-up in ARK Pet Oasis branded and temperature-controlled vehicles.
  •   Accommodation in spacious kennels with 24-hour care and observation.
  •   Outdoor relief, feeding, watering, travel crate cleaning, and option for bath.
  •   As a U.S. Customs bonded warehouse, our agents can care for all inbound international
    animals immediately post-flight, even if they have not been cleared.
  •   U.S. Customs Clearance services for personal and commercial pets.
  •   Veterinary care, if deemed necessary, provided on-site by ARK approved veterinarian.
  •   Isolation kennels are available if required.
  •   Optional pet photo and report emailed to you to communicate your pet’s well-being.
  •   Don’t need your pet’s travel crate? Leave it with us and we will donate it to a local animal shelter.

Is your companion traveling along with you as excess baggage? Please click here to learn more about our services available to your pet

  •   Coordinate and reserve flight booking on owner’s behalf
  •   Pre-flight lounge at ARK Pet Oasis in a spacious kennel
  •   Outdoor relief pre-departure, fresh water, food 4-6 hours before flight
  •   Optional coordination with IPATA members for arrival services at final destination
  •   Airline crate compliance check and education on best travel practices
  •   Pre-flight veterinary exams, vaccinations and treatments, and preparation of health documents provided on-site by appointment with an ARK approved veterinarian
  •   USDA-APHIS Endorsement services available with notice in advance
  •   Airline check-in and review of travel and health documentation
  •   Coordination with air carriers to reduce time spent in crate (preferred “just-in-time” access to cargo facilities or aircraft)
  •   Don’t have a travel crate? We have IATA compliant travel crates and can size your pet to ensure that s/he travels comfortably in an appropriately sized enclosure
  •   Unique ARK ID to ensure correct identification
  •   Communication with pet parent or other authorized party

Is your companion traveling with you as excess baggage? Please click here to learn more about our services available to your pet.

  •   Strategically schedule layover at JFK for mid-trip care, relaxation and crate cleaning – good for long trips over 8 hours.
  •   Tour NYC while your companion rests at ARK Pet Oasis, pick them up on your way back or we can drop them off to you.
  •   Layover lounge in a spacious kennel with fresh water, food, outdoor relief, crate cleaning, and optional bath.
  •   Coordination for pick-up of inbound flight and check-in for outbound flight.
  •   Health certificates and other veterinary care provided on-site by ARK approved veterinarian.
  •   As a U.S. Customs bonded facility, we are authorized to care for in-transit pets that will not clear customs until final destination.
  •   U.S. Customs clearance as the first port of entry into the United States if required.
  •   Communication with pet parent or other authorized party.

Is your companion traveling along with you as excess baggage? Please click here to learn more about our services available to your pet

Description of Services:

Base Accommodation

Our base accommodation includes a spacious kennel, food, water, outdoor relief, crate cleaning, lots of love, and 24-hour care. This fee is for the first day/night, any additional day(s) is an added charge.

Ground Transportation to/from Cargo

This service includes transportation for pets in ARK Pet Oasis branded and temperature controlled vehicles that have PANYNJ license plates. Available for transportation to/from cargo facilities or aircrafts. Our team will check in pets for outbound flights with all required documentation and travel crate labels. Pets arriving into JFK will be picked up and brought back to ARK Pet Oasis for care and evaluation.

Customs Clearance

Pets entering the United States as cargo must be cleared upon arrival. Our team can coordinate your pet’s clearance with advance notification and required documentation. Utilizing The ARK to clear customs will reduce the time your companion is confined in their travel crate inside a cargo warehouse after a long flight. Pets will be transported to ARK Pet Oasis for post-flight care and accommodation where they can stretch their legs, have food and water, and get lots of love while awaiting their clearance.

International or Domestic Health Certificates

International and Domestic Health Certificates and exams are performed by ARK approved accredited veterinarians by appointment. Health certificates will need to be issued within 10-days of traveling and be endorsed by the USDA either in person (appointment only) or by mail. Please check the USDA-APHIS Pet Travel website for country requirements.

Bathing and Grooming services

Full baths are available for dogs of all sizes. Professional stainless steel grooming and bath tub. Dog dryer or towel dry available depending on your dog’s comfortability.


All pets are inspected upon arrival for fleas. If your pet arrives with any fleas, s/he will be placed in a separated quarantine kennel during their stay. Oral flea-treatment is available with owner approval.