Pet Guests deserve First-Class care.

Air travel for pets can be a complex and difficult process. Throughout North and South America, pets transported as live animal cargo spend hours pre- and post-flight confined in their transport crates, parked in a cargo warehouse without food, water or relief. The experience can be extremely stressful. The ARK Pet Oasis seeks to mitigate both the Pet Parent’s and the animal’s concern and anxiety. While we cannot change your traveling pet’s experience while in flight-aboard the aircraft, studies have shown that the superlative care provided pre- and post-flight greatly reduces the stress of travel. ARK Pet Oasis serves as a central resource available 24/7, servicing the needs and promoting the welfare of companion animals travelling as live cargo.

We’ve thought of everything.

Airside location for direct access to aircraft

Proprietary ARK-branded vans for safe transport of pets to and from aircraft

Ample parking for drop-off or pick-up of your pet(s)

Veterinary triage area for acute medical care should the need arise

100% air exchange, climate-controlled ventilation

Thorough cleaning and disinfection protocols

Sound panels to absorb excess noise

Dedicated outdoor relief area for dogs

Complete grooming services

4,000 SF Pet Oasis

63 fully-furnished runs /stacking cages

– 47 kennels/runs of various sizes

– 12 dedicated cat kennels

– 4 isolation/quarantine kennels

Setting new standards of quality and consistency of service.

“ARK Pet Oasis now aligns U.S. standards with standards commonly used in the European Union, the U.K. and Australia”

Pet Oasis team