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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — After our beloved Bert (a rescued chocolate Labrador mix) went over the Rainbow Bridge, it wasn’t long before we decided we wanted another dog.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Skippy was “uber-friendly” with other dogs. In fact, he wanted to be around other dogs so much that I spent a fair amount of time during the summer of 2019 setting up “play dates” with other dogs in our neighborhood!

Two dogs looking out a back patio door
Skippy, left, and Scout are on squirrel patrol. (Photo Courtesy of Ellen Todia)

He was so happy any time another dog came over to play. By early 2020, it became clear that Skippy was very lonely being the only dog in our house and that we needed to get another pup as a companion for him.

When the pandemic changed our work/vacation schedules in the spring of 2020, we decided it was the right time to add a second dog to our family. We worked with the same rescue organization where we had found Skippy, and in April 2020 we brought Scout (a boxer/terrier mix) home.

She and Skippy very quickly bonded.

Two dogs napping on an ottoman
Skippy, left, and Scout nap together after a busy day of play. (Photo Courtesy of Ellen Todia)

The two of them are best friends now and act a lot like brother and sister, wrestling and playing with each other, but working as a team to rid the yard of any varmints, such as squirrels.

In the evenings, they love to curl up together with us on the couch for some “snuggle time.” Skippy is so happy now that he has a companion, and we are so glad that Skippy persuaded us to add Scout to our family!

Ellen Todia,

Rocky River

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