• MAY 15, 2022

    ‘1,615 pets were adopted in 2021:’ Everything to know about adopting a rescue pet

    Blaine Callahan, The Bulletin | Mon, May 9, 2022, 4:30 AM Looking to adopt a furry friend? Why not during National Pet Month? “Connecticut has a huge network of shelters for rescues,” said Susan Wollschlager, Marketing and Communications Manager for the Connecticut Humane Society. The Connecticut Humane Society is one of the oldest and most comprehensive animal

    • APRIL 4, 2023

    ‘Tied up’ and abandoned — why are pets being left behind at airports?

    Deseret News | Gabby Peterson The airport — while relatively streamlined and navigable in today’s world of easy travel — can be a stressful place, especially if your travel companion is a four-legged friend. The guidelines for pet travel vary slightly from airline to airline, and the species and size of your pet can often determine

    • SEPTEMBER 13, 2023
    ‘You stole my dog!’ DC woman chases bus in dramatic rescue of her beloved pet

    ‘You stole my dog!’ DC woman chases bus in dramatic rescue of her beloved pet

    Paul Wagner | News4 Reporter  For so many, dogs are like family. And most would do anything to keep them safe. That’s why Stephanie Reed risked her own personal safety after someone stole her dog in Washington, D.C. on Labor Day. Reed’s dog, Klaus, is back home, safe and sound, after a dramatic recovery in

    • JUNE 9, 2023


    CAMILLE ARNEBERG | Pet Honesty With kids out of school and long, sunny days, summer is a great time for family vacations. Of course, pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone else—so why not include our four-legged family members in the travel plans?  While traveling with pets can be fun, it can also