• MARCH 20, 2023

    12 Interesting Pet Travel Statistics to Know (2023 Update)

    Nicole Cosgrove | Pet Keen Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of this website. With more pet-friendly accommodations and attractions, more and more people are opting to take their pets with them on vacation instead of leaving them with family or in a boarding facility. If you’re wondering

    • AUGUST 6, 2022
    3 Hidden Costs of Owning a Pet

    3 Hidden Costs of Owning a Pet

    Maurie Backman | the ascent Key points There are certain pet-related expenses most people know to budget for. There are also surprise expenses that could throw your budget for a loop. You might need to upgrade your vehicle, change your vacation accommodations, or pay for grooming. Adopting a pet is a huge undertaking — both

    • FEBRUARY 25, 2023

    3 Steps to Help Pets Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight

    (Family Features) Pet parents often show love for their pets with food. However, that extra “love” can lead to weight gain, which can increase the risk of developing other medical conditions. More than 50% of pets are overweight, but 90% of pet parents with an overweight pet don’t realize it, according to research from Hill’s

    • SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

    3 ways to fly internationally with your pets if you don’t want to put them in the cargo hold — and have a big budget

    Hannah Towey  Traveling around the world can be challenging — and costly— let alone when you have three dogs in tow, including a massive Great Dane. Melanie Demi, an Austin-based content creator who shares pet-friendly travel advice with her 84,000 Instagram followers, did just that. Over the course of approximately one year, Demi and her husband visited eight countries