• AUGUST 10, 2022
    Not on her watch: Bandit the ‘guard cat’ plays hero, alerts owner to armed home intruders

    Not on her watch: Bandit the ‘guard cat’ plays hero, alerts owner to armed home intruders

    BELDEN, Miss. – A Mississippi man said his pet cat helped prevent a robbery at his home, and he credits the calico with possibly saving his life. Bandit, a 20-pound cat, lives with her retired owner Fred Everitt in the Tupelo suburb of Belden. When at least two people tried to break into their shared home

    • DECEMBER 26, 2023

    Nourishing Your Companion: Understanding Your Pet’s Nutrition Needs

    Staff Every pet owner’s journey includes making informed choices about their furry friend’s dietary needs. Understanding your pet’s nutrition is vital for fostering a healthy and vibrant life. This comprehensive guide delves into the essentials of pet nutrition, offering insights to help you make the best decisions for your beloved companion’s health and happiness. The

    • JULY 13, 2022

    On the road again and traveling with your pets

    Vermont Business Magazine by M. Kathleen Shaw DVM, Vermont Veterinary Medical Association With pandemic restrictions easing, most people are anxious to get away on a vacation and want to include their pets. Bringing along your pet can be stressful though- for both of you. Advance planning, proper restraint, and helping them with their motion sickness and

    • MAY 17, 2022

    Owning a Pet Over Age 65 May Help Keep You Mentally Fit As You Age, Study Finds

    Researchers from the University of Michigan studied senior citizens with pets and those without pets over a period of six years, and the results were encouraging for pet owners. Treats all around! By Tracey L. Kelley , Daily Paws | Updated March 01, 2022 Pets improve our health and well-being in numerous ways, from helping to alleviate depression symptoms and relieve