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Hounds Town USA, the interactive doggie daycare and boarding franchise, suggests prioritizing comfort and safety for dogs throughout their travels.

ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2022 / — 47% of Americans are planning to travel this holiday season, which means arrangements are already well under way for those flying, driving or riding to their destination. One of the biggest considerations for families is what to do with their dog while out of town. Hounds Town USA, the 30-plus unit interactive doggie daycare franchise, has some tips to make holiday travel with Fido a bit easier.

Don’t bring them
Sometimes, the journey or the destination may not be suitable for your dog. Consider scheduling a boarding appointment in advance and ensure your dog has a reliable plan while you are away for the holidays. Make sure you check ahead of time for boarding requirements, and have all of your dog’s food and medications prepared.

Use an appropriate carrier
Whether you are flying or driving, your dog should be able to fit comfortably in a travel carrier with enough room to turn around. Airlines have different rules, so be sure to do your research ahead of time or ensure your car can fit the equipment.

Schedule travel breaks
To keep your dog from having accidents in the car and/or unleashing all of their energy upon arrival to your destination, schedule plenty of travel breaks if you’re able to, so that your dog can use up some energy and go to the bathroom outside.

Change as little as possible
Travel can be very stressful for dogs, so as much as you can maintain their normal environment and routine, the better.

Bring a familiar toy or bedding from home and try to keep to your normal routine of meals and walk breaks when on the road and out of town.

“Traveling can be stressful, and adding a dog into the mix can make things even more complicated,” says Jackie Bondanza, CEO of Hounds Town USA. “Planning ahead of time to make your dog as comfortable as possible and prioritize their safety will help things go much more smoothly.”

This article originally appeared on News Wires: Dog Experts Offer Tips for Traveling Safely and Stress-Free with Dogs This Holiday Season

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