K9 Jets, a pet-friendly private charter company in the U.K. is making luxury air travel a possibility for transcontinental travelers

By Cortney MooreFOXBusiness

A new pet-focused airline has taken off with private transcontinental charters that go to select locations.

K9 Jets, a sister company of G6 Aviation – which is a first-class private jet service based in Birmingham, England – is offering an air travel solution for pet owners who require private flights.

The business was founded in July 2022 after G6 Aviation received a price quote inquiry from a grassroots pet group leader who was looking for a private jet that could transport 10 dogs from New Jersey to London and split the costs between the dog owners.

G6 Aviation’s co-founders, Kirsty Golder and Adam Golder, started K9 Jets after receiving that inquiry, but they made sure to keep the venture a “boutique” experience.

Gene and Donna Baxter board private jet with their French bulldogs Bubble and Squeak.
Gene and Donna Baxter board private jet arranged by K9 Jets while they have their French bulldogs Bubble and Squeak in tow. (K9 Jets/Paul Clarke / Fox News)

Golder, who’s also a pilot and client director at K9 Jets, told FOX Business that clients started booking flights on March 17, 2023.

The company’s inaugural flight was on April 28, 2023, from New Jersey to London. 

Dogs and cats are welcome on K9 Jets. Current flying routes include New Jersey to Los Angeles, New Jersey to Lisbon, New Jersey to London, New Jersey to Paris, London to Dubai and London to Nice.

A seat on a K9 Jets flight from New Jersey to London costs $8,925 and includes one large dog over 51 pounds or two small dogs, according to Golder.

The seat pricing on K9 Jets is “all-inclusive” and “fixed.” The price includes taxes, refreshments, snacks, a personalized gift and pet handling costs that are without lines, cages and muzzles.

Sherry Nauss seated on a private jet with her dog Betty.
Sherry Nauss takes her ticketed seat on a private jet arranged by K9 Jets. Her dog Betty joins her on the private charter. Large dogs are welcome on the luxury plane. (K9 Jets/Paul Clarke / Fox News)

“The majority of our customers are relocating for work or retiring and once in a lifetime trip,” Golder wrote in an email to FOX Business. 

“They are not wealthy business executives, [they’re] middle-class people who want their fur family members next to them for a big journey,” he continued. “The cost is comparable to the cost of flying pets by cargo across the Atlantic.”

K9 Jets is a public charter operator that works with Pegasus Elite Aviation, a luxury private jet company, or another licensed U.S. air carrier.

The company’s sister brand, G6 Aviation, reportedly has a client base that includes high-net-worth families, music moguls, professional athletes and royals. 

Elena Bernewitz boards private jet with her Dalmatian Oxford
Elena Bernewitz boards a private jet arranged by K9 Jets. She’s booked her ‘all-inclusive’ pet-friendly seat, so she could travel with her Dalmatian Oxford. (K9 Jets/Paul Clarke / Fox News)

K9 Jets donates funds to Animal SOS Sri Lanka, a registered U.K. charity that’s dedicated to providing life-saving veterinary care, rehabilitation and refuge to stray animals.

For pet owners who prefer to fly on commercial airlines with their furry friend, American Express reports that in-cabin costs can range from $50 to $250 per flight while in-cargo costs can range from $200 to $400 for animals that weigh 75 pounds.

Miscellaneous costs that might factor into pet travel include bag fees, cabin carriers or cargo crates and higher-priced seats, according to the multinational financial services company.

This article originally appeared on Fox Business: Pet-friendly private jet firm aims to make travel with dogs and cats easier: ‘Cost is comparable’ 

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