We may not always know where they are going and we cannot always see their human’s happy face when they get there, but we are grateful for every chance we get to bring them closer to home.

Friday, March 10, 2017- We experienced the incredible joy of seeing this family reunion between Dave (human) and Soloman (dog). Soloman is a 12-year-old dog that befriended Dave while stationed in Egypt. When Dave’s deployment ended, he was eager to find a way to bring Soloman back home to the United States. The process of relocating these animals can be very complicated and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, that’s when Dave reached out to the SPCA for help.

SPCA’s Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide wants “No buddy left behind!”. There are endless numbers of stray dogs who find “love-at-first-sight” with our overseas U.S. service men and women. The end of their deployment is imminent and the thought of leaving their friend behind is not an option, but our servicemen’s resources are limited when it comes to their new companions. We at The ARK Pet Oasis are honored to be a small part of this mission to reunite these lucky dogs with their new families. We take pride in ensuring that every animal has the opportunity to stretch their legs after a long flight, eat, drink and relieve themselves before being picked up or catching their next flight out of JFK. SPCA has helped rescue and reunite hundreds of animals from countries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, and we take pleasure in helping these animals get to their new forever homes.

Although more common, dogs are not the only four-legged family members that the SPCA rescues. We have had the pleasure of helping two cats, “Pib” and “Hannah”, get to their new home with their hero moms and dads. Whether they have four or three legs, feline or canine, turtle or bird- each animal gets individualized attention from our animal care specialists to ensure their well-being. We all believe we have the best jobs when making sure every animal in our care is as happy and comfortable as possible.

We import and export horses, dogs, cats and other small animals in a safe and low-stress environment with on staff veterinarians and animal care specialists. If your companion is catching a flight into or out of JFK please contact The ARK Pet Oasis at 212-973-8275 to make a reservation or here more about our services.

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