• Everything to Know About Flying with a Dog

    All your questions about flying with your pet, answered.  MATT MELTZER, KATHERINE LAGRAVE, SARAH KUTA | Conde Nest Traveler For pet parents, flying with a dog can often seem like a more appealing alternative to leaving their pet behind with a friend, checking them into a boarding facility, or taking a lengthy, pet-friendly road trip to the destination instead.

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  • People are abandoning pets at airports

    People are abandoning pets at airports

    Animals left at airports speaks to the complications of travelling with a pet Andrea Sachs | The Free Press In the past few weeks, three dogs and a tortoise arrived with their travel companions at various airports across the United States. By all appearances, the pets were going to fly off with their humans. But

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  • Dog Experts Offer Tips for Traveling Safely and Stress-Free with Dogs This Holiday Season

    CadenceSEO, LLC | Hounds Town USA, the interactive doggie daycare and boarding franchise, suggests prioritizing comfort and safety for dogs throughout their travels. ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — 47% of Americans are planning to travel this holiday season, which means arrangements are already well under way for those flying, driving or riding to

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  • US veterinarians are helping displaced Ukrainian pets. Here’s what they’re seeing

    US veterinarians are helping displaced Ukrainian pets. Here’s what they’re seeing

    Jen Reeder | Yahoo! News When Colorado veterinarian Jon Geller headed to a Romanian border crossing with Ukraine on March 13, he had two big suitcases filled with veterinary supplies and no idea what to expect. “I had connected with a couple of the local veterinarians that have little vet clinics not too far from

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  • Pet-Friendly Tourism is Growing in Mexico

    DESTINATION & TOURISM  ALBERTO LOZANO  The pet-friendly segment contributes to the development of tourism activity and economic spillover in Mexico, given that official data shows the existence of 80 million pets, of which 43.8 million are dogs. According to the National Welfare Survey of Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics & Geography (INEGI by its acronym in

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  • A How-to Guide for Moving to a New Home with Pets

     ERIC JEANETTE | Reality Biz News Moving to a New Home with Pets When moving day arrives, no one wants to leave behind their favorite family member, right? But, if your pet has become clingy, standoffish, or maybe excited at the sight of the suitcase, then you know how sensitive they can be to the change of

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  • 5 Tips for Making Traveling With Pets Easier

    David Thompson | Travelers Today Many of us are making plans with the holidays right around the corner. For many people, their holiday plans are staying with friends and family members, and for many others, their plans include hopping on a plane or taking a road trip to spend the holidays with people far away.

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  • Puppies on Prozac: How to Handle Your Pet’s Anxiety

    Puppies on Prozac: How to Handle Your Pet’s Anxiety

    Veterinarians say they have seen an increasing number of pets experiencing mental distress. Here’s how to spot the signs. By Melinda Wenner Moyer | The New York Times When my dog Ozzy feels stressed, he emits loud, rambly groans that are ridiculously cute but also make me wonder if he’s having a stroke. After noticing that

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  • Reunited: Gus the Cat

    March 31st, 2017 Thanks to SPCA International and their Operation: Baghdad Pups, we had the wonderful pleasure of witnessing another reunion between a U.S. serviceman and companion. Meet Ian and Lezli Clark and their new cat Gus!                   As you can probably tell, Gus is no pup!

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