• Pet friendly to off-the-grid tourism, here’s decoding the travel trends of 2023

    The Hindustan Times | Zarafshan Shiraz, Delhi 2022 was really the year where avid travellers could break free from the shackles of staying home and enjoy travel like before. 2023 figures to be an extremely positive year for travel, owing to the feeling of ‘revenge travel’ and ‘travel to relax’. From the point of view

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  • 3 Hidden Costs of Owning a Pet

    3 Hidden Costs of Owning a Pet

    Maurie Backman | the ascent Key points There are certain pet-related expenses most people know to budget for. There are also surprise expenses that could throw your budget for a loop. You might need to upgrade your vehicle, change your vacation accommodations, or pay for grooming. Adopting a pet is a huge undertaking — both

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  • Keep pets safe and secure when traveling

    By MEGAN CARDONA | Reading Eagle As summer vacations kick back into gear this year, millions of new pet parents will have to navigate traveling with furry friends. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reported last year that 23 million American households — one in five nationwide — obtained a dog or cat

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