Social Media / Customer Testimonials

Awesome experience at the Ark

The Ark was an awesome experience! I moved from NY to CA yesterday, and had to ship my two cats on a later flight because of the excessive heat in LA. I dropped them off at The Ark and was worried sick about them. However, the entire experience couldn’t have been more pleasant, in every way. The Ark took care of them for several hours and got them to pet cargo at Delta on time and in great shape. They arrived safely and all is well. Bravo, Ark, and thank you so, so much!

– Linda P.

Amazing staff at the Ark

Joanne and Chris and the whole crew at Ark are the best,I had my puppy flying in from Russia on her way to Fond du lac,Wisconsin with a stop at JFK and thank God you guys were there because we had some unforeseen circumstances (flight cancelled) and Joanne was on the phone with me so we could make everything happen,my puppy is nice and comfy in her new home with out any trauma thanks to the crew at Ark. thank you very much!!!

– Charlie C.

Great service. Friendly staff.

I used the ARK’s services when I shipped my two dog’s from Honolulu, HI to NY. The ARK picked up my two dogs from the cargo area, fed them, walked them, and took care of them until I could have someone pick them up. The service was great with a very friendly staff. The fees were also reasonable, and the facility was very clean. I highly recommend this service and would definitely use them again.

– Timothy W.

Highest level of customer service

We recently brought a Golden Retriever puppy from Russia and she flew through JFK. Our puppy stayed overnight at the ARK and they arranged for her to meet her next flight to SC. In addition they helped get a crate (the one she flew from Russia in didn’t meet Delta’s regulations). A HUGE shout out to JOANNE O’CONNELL who is absolutely amazing. She sent us pictures of our puppy upon arrival and emailed several times to let us know how our pup was doing. The customer service was second to none. I would recommend The ARK at JFK without reservations!!!

– Diedre S.

Partners / Businesses Testimonials

Proud partner

The Port Authority is proud to partner with ARK to make air travel at JFK more humane for animals and convenient for pet owners

– David Samson
Port Authority Chairman

Giant steps towards safety

For someone who has spent a lifetime working with horses and other animals around JFK, The ARK is a giant step forward in making JFK one of the safest, most efficient lodging and transit hubs for all animals in the country.

Bill Nichols
President of Alex Nichols Agency

Above and Beyond

The ARK has spared no expense in meeting and going well above USDA requirements to add even more comfort and safety for the horses and the other animals

Bill Nichols
President of Alex Nichols Agency

World-class Animal Care

The Port Authority is continuously exploring innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs. The ARK is a world-class animal care and comprehensive veterinary service facility, and will be a great addition to JFK – not only for our passengers, but as a driver for the regional economy that will create jobs and generate sales activity.

Thomas L. Bosco
Port Authority Aviation Director

Great design for reduced stress

The design allows planes to taxi directly to the building, so horses can be transported in a seamless fashion that reduces stress

Lachlan Oldaker
Gralla Equine Architects

Less Stress for horses and humans

Obviously the new facilities will benefit the horses immensely. Basically anything that decreases the stress levels for horses and humans is a good thing any time.

– Emma Ford
Professional Eventing Groom,
Stable Manager of Olympian Phillip Dutton

Big, Open and Airy

The Vetport should be condemned…In contrast, The ARK is big and open and airy…at The ARK the horses walk straight out of their stalls and onto pallets. It’s another way to eliminate things going wrong.

– Max Corcoran
Longtime groom for top eventer Karen O’Connor and
current Groom for Show Jumper Scotty Keach

Less stress for animals

…I think having a quarantine facility right at the airport makes sense – it makes me very happy. The babies are stressed enough and if they can come off the plane and go right into a comfortable stall instead of getting on a truck for an hour and a half, which is a lot for them, it would be great.

– Vera Barisone
Owner and operator of Barisone Dressage in Long Valley, NJ

Safety for animals

With The ARK, they [horses] never have to be outside the safety of the facility.” “I think The ARK is just the beginning and sets the standard for others around the U.S. and the world.

– Lachlan Oldaker
Equine Design and Architect