TSA travel tips for pet owners
Ciara White-Sparks / WTKR

By: Ciara White-Sparks | WTKR

NORFOLK, Va. — Traveling with a pet through the airport is not always an easy task.

When it comes to going through the security checkpoint, with your furry friend it can be unclear what you should do.

The Norfolk International Airport hosted a demonstration for travelers to learn the proper way to complete the checkpoint process with their pets.

Expert Security Trainer Latoya Boone tells News 3 this process is extremely important and travelers should aware of all procedures before traveling.

“This is a very important procedure for TSA because it is important that we process our passengers through the checkpoint, keeping them safe as well as keeping their animals safe as they go through, we get them through. We want to get them through efficiently and effectively as we can,” said Boone.

During the demonstration, two passengers were asked to go through the complete check-in procedure with their animals.

TSA agents then asked the pet owners to place their hand-held travel carrier bags with their pets inside on the table.

Once the passenger has emptied their pockets and removed their shoes, they are then asked to remove their pet from the bag. During this time it is important for owners to remove all metal collars to avoid the metal detectors from being alerted.

The owner is then asked to walk through the metal detector with the animal. In this case, your animal can be held within your arms or on a leash.

Next, the owner will be prompted to complete an ETD test, which is known as “Explosive Trace Detection.”

Once this step is completed the owner should return the table to collect their belongings and place their animal inside their carrier bag.

For more information on travel procedures for pet owners visit the TSA.gov

This article originally appeared on WTKR: What to know about the TSA process if you’re flying with pets

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