Pet Parents

Air travel for pets can be a complex and difficult process. Throughout North and South America, pets transported as cargo and excess baggage spend hours pre- and post-flight confined in their transport crates, sitting in a cargo warehouse without food, water or relief. ARK Pet Oasis seeks to mitigate both the pet parent’s and the animal’s concern and anxiety. While we cannot change your pet’s experience while in flight aboard the aircraft, studies have shown that the superlative care provided pre- and post-flight greatly reduces the stress of travel.

We ensure that all traveling animals receive rest and care upon arrival, departure and in-between domestic and international flights. Short-term care to support companion animals who are traveling on alternate flights as their parents and support for airlines when flights are delayed or cancelled. ARK Pet Oasis provides first-class care to all guests large or small and offers guidance and education when planning travel.

What you need / Preparing for your trip

When shipping your companion as manifested cargo, your loved one can rest and prepare for their flight in a calm environment where we will make sure s/he has all their correct documents in order and that their travel crate is set up with correct labels. Please click here to see what documents you will need depending on where you are traveling to/from.

If you are shipping your companion as excess baggage, you will need to check him/her in for their flight at the same time as you do for your flight; unfortunately for security reasons we are unable to check in animals booked as excess baggage on your behalf. We offer pick up and drop off services to and from the passenger terminals for pets traveling as excess baggage.

Check the health requirements for your destination

  • All animals are required to have either a domestic or international health certificate. Depending on the destination, international health certificates are required to be endorsed by the USDA-APHIS either by mailing in to their Albany office or by making an appointment in person.
  • Most airlines and countries require domestic and international health certificates to be issued within 10-days of travel. Always check with your airline and the USDA-APHIS website before making an appointment with your veterinarian. We recommend to schedule your health certificate exam as close to your travel date as possible in case of flight cancellations or temperature restrictions.

IATA compliant travel crate

  • Your companion must have enough room to comfortably lie down, turn around, sit, and stand with an additional 3-4 inches above their head – Use our crate calculator 
  • We will provide zip-ties and necessary labeling
  • Travel crate must have food and water bowls secured inside

Absorbent bedding for any accidents during travel

  • We have bogus paper and shredded paper available, or you may use your own absorbent bedding such as a “wee-wee pad”
  • If your dog or cat is nervous, place a shirt that smells like you inside their crate
  • We highly recommend that your dog or cat is acclimated to their travel crate prior to the trip so they are comfortable traveling inside of it
  • Don’t have a crate for your loved one? – Don’t worry, we are able to appropriately size your dog or cat and provide you with an IATA compliant travel crate

Special ARK Pet Oasis design features include:

  • 4,000 S.F dedicated to companion animals
  • Elegantly furnished customer lounge and check-in area
  • Airside location for direct access to aircraft
  • Proprietary ARK-branded vehicles for safe and temperature controlled transport of pets to and from aircraft or carrier
  • Ample parking for drop-off or pick-up of your companion(s)
  • Veterinary triage and receiving area for acute medical care
  • 100% air exchange, climate-controlled ventilation
  • Isolation kennels and quarantine rooms for sick animals
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection protocols to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses
  • Sound panels to absorb excess noise
  • Dedicated outdoor relief area for dogs
  • Grooming tub and drying table
  • 47 Dog Kennels/Runs
  • 12 Cat Kennels