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An animal shelter is looking for any information on a puppy that was left at Indianapolis International Airport.

The dog, who the shelter has named Boeing, was abandoned by its owner, according to Speedway Animal Rescue.

“My *guess* is that he did not have a health certificate and the owner had to make a choice,” the rescue agency said in a Facebook post. “If you are that owner, please contact us. You will not get in trouble. Your dog is safe, we just want information so that we can keep an eye on his injuries and better understand what he may need.”

The puppy is about 4-5 months old and was found with stitches in his front leg/armpit, and with a body bandage, the post states. Boeing is neutered and not microchipped.

The non-profit is also asking for any veterinarians or vet tech’s that recognize Boeing to reach out and for anyone willing to share the pup’s photo, so the organization can get the information needed to better care for him.

Boeing is a 4-5 month old puppy who was left behind at Indianapolis Airport.
Boeing is a 4-5 month old puppy who was left behind at Indianapolis Airport. Speedway Animal Rescue

“There are quite a few scenarios here and we aren’t looking to accuse anyone of anything or place blame,” the rescue agency said, according to FOX59.

Boeing is safe in foster care and the rescue described him as a “happy go lucky” puppy, FOX59 reported.

This article originally appeared on USA Today: Animal rescue agency asks public for leads on puppy left behind at Indianapolis International Airport

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