BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK) — A family dog is a hero after running off a would-be burglar to a neighbor with a gun.

The dog, named Ebony, had her heroics caught on doorbell footage last Friday in Bakersfield, California.

Ebony’s owner, Quincy Sloan, said he is actually used to these situations in his everyday job.

As a 28-year veteran of the Bakersfield Fire Department, he walked KBAK through the events in his doorbell camera footage.

“At this point, he rings the doorbell. And now my special needs son is the one who is home,” Sloan said. “We have two dogs and they started barking immediately. He [Sloan’s son] thinks it is just a package so he opens the door and the dog runs out. The thief dipped around our garage and the dog basically makes eye contact and attacks him.”

Family dog hailed as hero after thwarting burglar, saving child (COURTESY: Quincy Sloan)

Shortly after, the gunman allegedly flees into the neighbor’s garage and is met by the neighbor. From there, shots are fired. Sloan said the gunman fired two before the neighbor fired off several shots, allegedly injuring the gunman.

He said his family is going through the trauma of the events but has something to give them confidence — Ebony.

“We are a lot more confident because our dog basically saved our son,” Sloan said.

This article originally appeared on NBC 24 News: Family dog hailed as hero after thwarting burglar, saving child

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