• Not on her watch: Bandit the ‘guard cat’ plays hero, alerts owner to armed home intruders

    Not on her watch: Bandit the ‘guard cat’ plays hero, alerts owner to armed home intruders

    BELDEN, Miss. – A Mississippi man said his pet cat helped prevent a robbery at his home, and he credits the calico with possibly saving his life. Bandit, a 20-pound cat, lives with her retired owner Fred Everitt in the Tupelo suburb of Belden. When at least two people tried to break into their shared home

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  • 3 Hidden Costs of Owning a Pet

    3 Hidden Costs of Owning a Pet

    Maurie Backman | the ascent Key points There are certain pet-related expenses most people know to budget for. There are also surprise expenses that could throw your budget for a loop. You might need to upgrade your vehicle, change your vacation accommodations, or pay for grooming. Adopting a pet is a huge undertaking — both

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  • US veterinarians are helping displaced Ukrainian pets. Here’s what they’re seeing

    Jen Reeder | Yahoo! News When Colorado veterinarian Jon Geller headed to a Romanian border crossing with Ukraine on March 13, he had two big suitcases filled with veterinary supplies and no idea what to expect. “I had connected with a couple of the local veterinarians that have little vet clinics not too far from

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  • Pet-Friendly Tourism is Growing in Mexico

    DESTINATION & TOURISM  ALBERTO LOZANO  The pet-friendly segment contributes to the development of tourism activity and economic spillover in Mexico, given that official data shows the existence of 80 million pets, of which 43.8 million are dogs. According to the National Welfare Survey of Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics & Geography (INEGI by its acronym in

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  • Monster the Dog Fell Overboard in Galveston Bay, so She Amazingly Swam 5 Miles Back to Shore

    Monster the Dog Fell Overboard in Galveston Bay, so She Amazingly Swam 5 Miles Back to Shore

    That’s a lot of doggy paddling. By Austin Cannon | Daily Paws Traveling in any motor-less manner for 5 miles sounds like absolute damnation, but swimming that distance has to be the worst of the worst. Maybe not for Monster the dog, though. Last week, shrimp boat captain Keith “Kiwi” Soffes was shrimping in Galveston Bay

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  • Keep pets safe and secure when traveling

    By MEGAN CARDONA | Reading Eagle As summer vacations kick back into gear this year, millions of new pet parents will have to navigate traveling with furry friends. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reported last year that 23 million American households — one in five nationwide — obtained a dog or cat

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  • On the road again and traveling with your pets

    Vermont Business Magazine by M. Kathleen Shaw DVM, Vermont Veterinary Medical Association With pandemic restrictions easing, most people are anxious to get away on a vacation and want to include their pets. Bringing along your pet can be stressful though- for both of you. Advance planning, proper restraint, and helping them with their motion sickness and

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  • Lost dog ‘hands itself in’ at Loughborough Police Station

    Lost dog ‘hands itself in’ at Loughborough Police Station

    By Amy Phipps & Victoria Hicks | BBC News A lost dog has been reunited with its owners after walking into a police station. Rosie sought help from officers after being scared by a firework on 3 November. CCTV footage from Loughborough Police Station captured the moment the border collie arrived and took a seat

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  • How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Private Jet?

    The cost of renting a private jet. BY MARK FINLAY | Simply Flying Have you ever wondered how much renting your own private jet would cost? If so, you are not alone, especially given all the chaos, and canceled flights we are seeing this summer. The demand to hire private jets during the COVID-19 pandemic skyrocketed, and it appears there is

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  • I spent $116,000 to travel the world — with my cat

    JJ Yosh, 38, has spent nearly $116,000 traveling all across the United States with his adventurous pet, Simon. The six-year-old Bombay cat doesn’t just live a lush life of luxury in his not-so-humble abode, he travels all across the country kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing, camping, hiking and backpacking In fact, Yosh and Simon

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