• How Two Couples Were Able to Open Dream Dog Training Facilities

    How Two Couples Were Able to Open Dream Dog Training Facilities

    By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz | American Kennel Club | May 18, 2022 | 4 Minutes Are you a canine instructor who works for other training companies? Do you think about working with dogs in a facility that you own and operate? When professional dog trainers imagined running a top-notch canine center, they made a big move.  The result?

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  • Florida-based dog rescue group heads to Europe to save Ukraine pets displaced during Russian invasion

    Florida-based dog rescue group heads to Europe to save Ukraine pets displaced during Russian invasion

    ‘It is our job to get them healthy and find them a loving home,’ Big Dog Ranch Rescue CEO Lauree Simmons told Fox News Digital By Brian Flood , Nikolas Lanum | Fox News The South Florida-based Big Dog Ranch Rescue packed up and went to Eastern Europe to help displaced dogs from war-torn Ukraine find safe, loving homes as their owners were

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  • Owning a Pet Over Age 65 May Help Keep You Mentally Fit As You Age, Study Finds

    Researchers from the University of Michigan studied senior citizens with pets and those without pets over a period of six years, and the results were encouraging for pet owners. Treats all around! By Tracey L. Kelley , Daily Paws | Updated March 01, 2022 Pets improve our health and well-being in numerous ways, from helping to alleviate depression symptoms and relieve

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  • A New Study Found That Affection From Dogs Could Ease Physical Pain in Humans

    A new study finds that time spent with our four-legged friends may offer medicinal benefits. By Jennifer Huizen, Daily Paws | March 15, 2022 Ask any dog parent if time with their pup can cure any ailment, and you would probably be met with a resounding, “Yes!” Most dog parents claim that time with your pooch

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  • ‘1,615 pets were adopted in 2021:’ Everything to know about adopting a rescue pet

    Blaine Callahan, The Bulletin | Mon, May 9, 2022, 4:30 AM Looking to adopt a furry friend? Why not during National Pet Month? “Connecticut has a huge network of shelters for rescues,” said Susan Wollschlager, Marketing and Communications Manager for the Connecticut Humane Society. The Connecticut Humane Society is one of the oldest and most comprehensive animal

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Pet Passports

    Lilit Marcus, CNN • Published 11th April 2022 (CNN) — It isn’t just human beings who need a passport in order to travel. Fashion designer Valentino had a coterie of six adorable pugs who traveled with him on his private jet. Not only did they all have passports, but odds are they had more stamps than the average

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  • Horse Racing Is On The Cusp Of Major Changes In The US After Years Of Scandal

      By Jaclyn Diaz | NPR Published May 9, 2022 8:00 AM After spending roughly a decade in the horse racing industry, Mary Cage’s love for the animals wasn’t enough to keep her in a job that she couldn’t stomach anymore. In recent years, headline-grabbing tragedy and scandal has dogged the horse racing industry. In 2019,

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  • Reunited: Soloman

    Reunited: Soloman

    We may not always know where they are going and we cannot always see their human’s happy face when they get there, but we are grateful for every chance we get to bring them closer to home. Friday, March 10, 2017- We experienced the incredible joy of seeing this family reunion between Dave (human) and

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  • Reunited: Gus the Cat

    March 31st, 2017 Thanks to SPCA International and their Operation: Baghdad Pups, we had the wonderful pleasure of witnessing another reunion between a U.S. serviceman and companion. Meet Ian and Lezli Clark and their new cat Gus!                   As you can probably tell, Gus is no pup!

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  • Beware of Pet Scams

    Beware of Pet Scams

    Thinking about buying or adopting a new pet? There are countless breeders, advertisers, and shippers to search from- however not all are legitimate. Unfortunately, scamming families and other animal lovers into sending money for the shipment of a new pet is an illegal business that happens too often and in most cases, results in no

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